The Pencil Clan

  • Have a lot to say, but no medium to turn to?
  • The Pencil Clan is here for you.

  • The era of words is here. You no longer need an entire publishing team, or a massive bank balance, or a fancy degree to give your story a global audience.

  • We’re celebrating the one man army, the power of one person’s story. While you tackle the challenge of writing, the Pencil Clan takes care of what we do best i.e; Publishing.

  • Publishing a book no longer requires you to leave your day job, neither does it require you to get a day job to support it.

  • Publishing a Book
    What makes us Tick?

    1. Creating a Meaningful Product: To enable and empower readers and writers alike, we realized we needed a product that truly digitalises the publishing world. We help writers publish for free and build their community in one place. On the other hand, we help readers discover all formats of content, build their library, get recognised for every book they read - all in one place.

    2. Wonderful, Passionate Teammates: Our Unique work culture built on self-organization and transparency, helps us ensure that everything we do is worth the effort we put in. We believe in democracy, transparency, and flexibility as core values of our team.

    3. Culture at our Core: While most companies aim for more processes and policies, we realized we really needed fewer. We have realized what is actually enabling us to do great things is that our team wants and believes in the same key elements.

    4. Constant discovery: With an ever evolving world, adapting to a dynamic environment is of crucial importance. We’re forever finding fresh ways to empower writers and readers.