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Find Inspiration
AI powered search engine finds the best real-life stories from the internet. You can sort them by their genre, see how popular these stories are among audiences or even look at the rating given by your peers.
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Pencil's Machine Learning (ML) powered writing companion can assist you with true event timelines and key character identification. You can also use the algorithm's analysis to get an overview of any story.
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Get Feedback
Get Feedback
Pencil Score is not just a number, it's a way for your story to stand out and get noticed by the industry. It takes into account the AI rating and human critics analysis . The higher the score, the better your prospect of getting noticed. Along with the score, you can also get a detailed report and feedback from leading critics, film scholars, script doctors, and writers.
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Your Pencil Score can make you stand out and get noticed by our expansive network of Producers, Directors, Broadcasters and OTT platforms. Pencil gives you a gateway into the world of media.
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2000+ Books
A uniquely engineered platform fit for first-time writers with all the tools for easy writing
500+ Live Story Concepts
Get inspired daily by concepts crafted to help season your creativity for more skillful pitching
Over 40 Critics
Connect with talented producers from across the industry to take your story from page to screen
Pricing Plan
1 Unrated Story Concept can be published in the Producer Marketplace
1 Rated Story Concept & 1 Unrated Story can be published in the Producer Marketplace
  • Unrated Story Concept - A concept that does not have a Pencil Score generated by AI and Human Experts. Has low discoverability on the Producer's Marketplace.
  • Rated Story Concept - A concept that has a Pencil Score generated by AI and Human Experts and has a high chance of being discovered by Producer's as it goes to them as a vetted concept.